Do you have a big tank of hot water stored in your basement? What if you can get the same amount of hot water without a water storage tank? Instead, you can have hot water instantly – freshly heated! With an instant electric water heater, you don’t need to pay expensive utility bills, a promise of tankless water heater.

Tankless water heater

It is an instant water heater that produces hot water when turning on the faucet, and the water starts to cycle on the dishwater, washing machine, or even for hot water for your favorite coffee break. While the storage tank water heater is the most common type, the tankless water heater is slowly gaining a market share. This is because the appealing characteristics of heating water are the second highest utility cost after cooling and heating the house itself.

The big switch

Switching to tankless from the storage tank water heater is not an easy swap because it needs plumbing retrofit and upgrades to electric service to increase capacity. There is a 90% water heater installation taking place in an emergency that puts you at a disadvantage when negotiating with the prospective plumber to make the switch on a tight timeline. If the storage tank water heater nears the end of its useful life and you are interested in saving energy and space, the tankless water heater is worth a look.

How does the tankless water heater work?

Tankless water heaters don’t store water in the tank. Instead, it heats water as it passes through the unit using the heat exchanger to quickly bring it up to the temperature. A tankless water heater may run on different power systems, such as:

  • Electric
  • Natural gas
  • Propane

But, the instant electric water heater is best-selling today because it has been upgraded to a more energy-saving heating system. Heat water when you need it! The whole-house tankless unit mounts on a wall, which saves floor space and fits in tight places. The size of this heating system varies in size, but it is 2ft. tall average and a bit over a foot wider.


There are a few differences when it comes to performance between electric and gas modes. Electric tankless water heaters run more efficiently than conventional water heaters.

Many households are choosing an instant electric water heater, not only because of the instant heating system but also provides you with more convenience.