Most weight loss programs are not natural and therefore fail. There are no diets to lose weight, as these diets slow down your metabolism, which means once you go back to your routine after weight loss, you will eventually gain weight and gain much more than you actually lost. You would hardly find anyone who kept the weight off after stopping the diets. So dieting is not going to work if you want to get rid of your weight forever. It is a good idea to check the dorra slimming review   to grab a comprehensive knowhow.

How various weight loss products affect your body?

Weight Loss Pills:

Weight loss and diet pills not only suppress your diet but also stop the food cravings, so you either don’t eat or eat much less food than your body requires. Thus by taking weight loss pills, you put yourself on severe starvation diet where your body is starved for nutrition and your metabolism will slow down drastically. Thus, when you go off the pills, you would blow up like a balloon and gain all the weight you lost along with more weight as a bonus. However, if you plan your diet properly, then losing weighttodayis definitely possible.

Food Supplements:

For natural weight loss, one must take food that can be absorbed by your body, so that the extra nutrition that your body receives can help your body be satisfied nutritionally. This can also help you eliminate the food cravings without consuming any artificial weight loss products. So when you cut back on your craving while your body is satisfied nutritionally, the rate of metabolism of your body won’t go down and thus you won’t regain the weight you lose. However, taking food supplements doesn’t help as body does not absorb these supplements. For example, if you take a calcium and vitamin supplement, your body would absorb just about 5% of the total amount you have consumed, thus this is just waste of money and will not help you eliminate the cravings, and therefore you will just be stuck where you are. Therefore consume natural food and not food supplements to speed up your weight loss naturally. This not only helps in reducing cravings, but also gives you extra energy and stamina and you will be able to stay away from junk foods that are unhealthy and stop putting on weight.